Olly’s Box: What Really Goes into The Subscription Box

You’re strolling down the aisle of the a big box pet store. Rows and rows of product line the shelves. There are leashes, collars, chew toys, balls, and treats of every color, shape, size, and flavor. How do you decide what to buy?


The most likely scenarios:


You either spend way too much time and energy comparing the available options, or grab something that looks good and hope it’s a great product. In a lot of cases, you’re so overwhelmed with choice that you can’t make a decision, and go home empty handed.


If that sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. Research shows that it’s hard to make a decision when presented with too much to choose from. “Choice paralysis” is a big, big problem in today’s world where the variety of products available is almost endlessly expansive.


Where your pup is concerned, though, there might be an easy solution.

Olly's Box 1

Subscription Boxes


A subscription box is a service that delivers a box full of relevant, carefully curated product straight to your door on a regular basis. You neither have to travel to the store, nor brave crowds, and endure the stress of having to pick from literally hundreds or thousands of products.


We think this is a great idea, especially if you’re short on time and would prefer not to stress about it. Less of a stressful time in the pet store, means more quality, happy time with your pup!


With the right one, you’re also assured of getting the very best products curated specifically for you. No more thinking long, and hard about which you need, and how they compare.


This week, we join our friends at Olly’s Box for an exclusive interview, and an in-depth, insider look into the workings of a subscription service meant specially for your dog. They share a vision similar to ours in hoping to promote better, more responsible, pet ownership that helps pets, and their owners, enjoy the life together that they deserve!

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Without further ado, here’s Drewe Apps, Co-Founder, and Chief Strategist, at Olly’s Box:


For our readers’ sake, introduce yourself please!


We’re dog people. Crazy dog people. And we’re on a mission to encourage Aussie dog parents to engage and be more active with their dog, while also helping dogs in need around the country.

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist: Drewe Apps

Co-Founder & Head of Growth: Jess Apps

Content Manager: Kushla Smith

Chief Product Tester: Olly


How and why did you create Olly’s Box? Tell us the story.


It all started in a small little garage in Brisbane back in 2014. We had just adopted Olly, and we quickly became bored of the commodity products dangling from shelves in our local pet stores. Lifeless, just plain boring, and uninspiring. We wanted to engage with our boy, and knew he wanted to engage with us. We also wanted to provide him with an active lifestyle. We needed more, and we knew other dog parents would be in the same boat.


The idea was simple; find cool products and healthy treats to encourage dog parents to be more active with their dog, and live a happy and healthy life.


Since then we’ve grown to a squad of nearly 50,000 of the most awesome dogs, and passionate dog parents around Australia.

Olly's Box 3

We know it varies, but what can we expect inside the boxes? Item categories (food, toys, accessories) and in what proportions?


Olly’s Box includes a variety of toys, treats and accessories, and each product has a health benefit; be it stimulation, dental and gut health, or to encourage play and adventure. As each Olly’s Box is tailored to the size and specific requirements of the pupstomer (puppy customer), and due to the fact that themes and inclusions change along with the seasons, it isn’t easy to list what is included, but on average there are 3 toys, 2 treats, and an accessory included in every Olly’s Box.


How are the products sourced?


We partner directly with the best producers in Australia, to not only put their products in the paws of dogs around Australia, but to also help them create fantastic products. Every product is play-tested, and approved by Olly and our ambassadors.


How are the boxes customised? You mention size, gender, personality, and dietary requirements. Anything else? And how do these help to determine what goes into each box?


Each Olly’s Box is customized based on the size, gender, personality and dietary requirements of each and every dog. Customers can also opt for customizations such as no soft toys, no meat, and no treats. What each dog receives is specially prepared for them, personally, by our team. There is no algorithm involved in the product selection. The feedback and loyalty from our members shows that this personal touch is very much appreciated, and a necessity.


What drives you at Olly’s Box?


At the end of the day, Olly’s Box is about creating a culture that brings out the best in us all, a culture that inspires people to get active with their dog, care more, be happy, and give dogs the best life possible.

Olly's Box 4

And there you have it.


We really hope you’ve benefitted from this exclusive interview with our friends at Olly’s Box. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments, and we, or Drewe and the Olly’s Box team will respond!


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