Badge Stories: Nessie Finds Home

Badge Stories- This week, we’re sharing the uplifting story of a playful little pup called Nessie. Driven by curiosity, she escaped the care of her family, and had gotten lost. Thankfully, she was returned with the help of a Pet Widget Badge. Enjoy!

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Introducing Nessie


Nessie is a 9-year-old Toy Poodle. She’s highly intelligent, and playful, which makes her a wonderful pet. She can do neat tricks, and is loyal to a fault. Her humans, Amanda and her mother, got Nessie when she was just a pup. She has been nothing but an awesome addition to the family, and has brought joy to her home ever since. Her humans shower her with love, affection, and only the best.

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How Did She Get Lost?


Amanda, and her family, had been on holiday, and Nessie had been left with a sitter. They had used their services before, so they trusted them, and were sure that Nessie did too. Their location was also appropriately fitted to keep Nessie safe. Lockable gates, and fencing high enough to make jumping them all but impossible were just a few of the measures in place.


Unfortunately, after they had turned their back for a few minutes, they returned to find Nessie nowhere in sight.

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How She Was Found


Meanwhile, overseas, Amanda’s mom had been receiving multiple calls from a strange number that she did not recognize. She did what many of us would have done—she ignored it. But later, she received a text detailing clearly that Nessie had been found wandering at a playground. It was confirmed that it was her by a brief description (a cute dog wearing clothes), as well as the fact that the rescuer had gotten their number straight from Nessie’s Pet Profile on Pet Widget after scanning her Badge.


She put the rescuer in contact with the sitter, and Nessie was returned home safely—all in a matter of hours.

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Giving Thanks


We are so glad that Nessie was able to find her way home. And we are also happy to celebrate the story of how the Pet Widget Badge has helped Nessie return home from her adventures. It is just really great to know that the work we have been doing here at Pet Widget is making an impact. And we want to raise awareness about how even some of the best cared for pets can lose their way, sometimes.


Why would a well-loved pooch up and walk out of there? We can only guess. But given Nessie’s curios nature and clever little brain, we wouldn’t be surprised if she devised an escape plan simply to go exploring. Even though some playful pups go wandering and know to come back, others wander off without realising that it isn’t so easy to find their way home. So, it’s important that we ensure our pets are well-covered by multiple safeguards.


While most of us might think that we’ll never lose a pet, either because we think we’re endlessly attentive, or have our homes locked up tight enough, pets still get lost everyday. In fact, 1 in 3 will get lost in their lifetime, 90% of which never find their way home without identification.


We are doing our best to change that statistic. And we think you can help. Spread the word, and share Badge. Pets and their families, around the world, will thank you for it.

Get in touch with us if you have Badge Stories you’d like to share, and we just might feature you, and your pet on the Blog. We’d love to hear your stories, and celebrate pets returning home to their families.


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