Christmas is around the corner, and while you’re busy shopping for gifts, don’t forget your furry friends—they’re part of the family too. Getting your pet Christmas gifts is a lot of fun, and sure to make them happy!

Here are 4 great pet Christmas gift ideas:

1) Treats

The name says it all (they’re treats!), and there is a reason why we use them to reward pets during training and for other good behaviour. Pets love food. I mean, who doesn’t?

From simple biscuits, to sumptuous wet treats, dry chewables, and even a cooked meal, the pet with a full belly is sure to have a very merry Pet Christmas.

Pet Christmas - Treats

2) Toys

Play is a super important part of a pets’ life. It helps them to exercise, bond with their owner, develop, learn, and just plain have fun. As far as toys go (and if you have enough space), you can’t really have too many.

Novelty is a big plus in the fun-business, and the variety in the market reflects that. Chew toys, plush toys, rope toys, and jingling toys among others, are all great gifts for your pet.

Pet Christmas - Toys

3) Beds

Other than eat and play, your pet could spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping! That’s a crazy amount compared to us humans. Despite this, they don’t usually sleep as soundly as we do. It’s part of nature, but we think it would be great if we helped it along.

Give your pet the gift of better sleep this Christmas by getting him or her a better bed, or bedding, so that they can enjoy the best sleep possible. After all, they probably spend about 70% of their time resting.

Pet Christmas - Beds

4) Other Accessories

You could also get your pet some stylish clothes, but we know that’s not for everyone—Pets seldom wear much more than a collar and pet ID tags.

Still, collars come in many different colours and designs, and so do pet tags.

If you’re looking for a tag that looks great, and has intelligent ID functionality above and beyond the traditional engraved tags, consider our very own Pet Widget Badge. It’s stylish, durable, and can help rescuers get in touch if your pet is ever lost.

Browse our designs here, or see how it works here.

Pet Christmas - Other

Thanks for reading, and until next time!
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