A starter-kit for new pet owners

Welcoming a new furry friend into the family is one of life’s most exciting times, but it can also be a nerve-racking time for first time owners. As handy as it would be, pets don’t come with an owner’s manual! So, to help you master pet ownership, we’ve put together a ‘starter kit’ of sorts, making it easier for you to welcome a fur baby into your family!

Buy the essentials

Although this can be a costly exercise, purchasing necessary items before your furry friend arrives is important. These items include;

– collar
– lead
– quality food
– toys
– food and water bowls
– bedding
– kitty litter

Toilet training

This one is super important if you want a pet you won’t have to clean up after every day. Pets should be taken outside or to their kitty litter after they have woken up or had something to eat or drink. For dogs, once out of the house, say a command such as ‘toilet’ so they know it’s time to relieve themselves. They will make mistakes and wee on the floor inside, but don’t punish them. Praise them when they do go and soon enough you’ll have a toilet trained kitten or puppy.


Ensuring your new furry friend is safe will always be at the forefront of your mind. Buying them a collar is the first step, so you can attach a lead when you go for walks. The next step is to buy a Pet Widget badge! Here at Pet Widget, we’ve developed an intelligent pet ID tag. Integrated with a cloud-based global pet identification registry, our Badge is an indispensable accessory that helps lost pets find home quickly. To learn more about our award-winning Badge Lite, head to the following link to watch our new informational video. https://youtu.be/rau3OMy_5Fw

Vet visits

Throughout their lives, your pets will need to visit the vet for vaccinations, and regular health check-ups. These are essential to ensure they live long, healthy lives so please don’t put them off.

Puppy school/obedience training

Depending on the age of your dog, either of these options are good for developing good training habits. Puppy school allows your new puppy to make friends, while learning all the basic commands (e.g. sit, stay, shake, drop). Obedience training is designed for slightly older dogs and aims to build a closer bond between dog and owner, as well as making it easier for the owner to manage/control their dog.

Food and water

Giving your pet the right food for their age and weight is essential to their health and wellbeing. Local pet stores and/or vets will be able to give valuable recommendations. Always make sure their water bowl is full too – pets drink a lot of water!


Dogs require a lot of exercise, whereas cats only need around 15-30 minutes a day. When they’re young, simply playing with your puppy for a few hours a day is enough exercise. As they get older, taking them for a walk or run around the block or local park is great for their health, and yours!

We hope you enjoyed our little guide! Bringing a new furry friend home is one of life’s greatest joys. Enjoy your time together. Your little friend will adore you so long as you play, feed and love them eternally!

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